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The Inclusion Fellowship Shorts - Afro Latino Cohort includes screenings of
Somos de Aquí, Hoar, Sin Raíces, Daughter of the Sea and Bodies Will Tumble and Roll

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Saturday, June 4, 2022 TCL Chinese Theaters Auditorium 1 9:00 PM PDT BUY TICKETS
Sunday, June 5, 2022 VIRTUAL Screening All Day BUY TICKETS

World Premiere

Daughter of the Sea

Directed by Alexis C. Garcia

Puerto Rico | 19:05 | 2022

After the death of her grandfather, a young woman experiences a spiritual awakening when she is called by Yemaya, the orisha Goddess of the Sea.

An ominous vision leads to bad news for Yanise and her family when she receives word of her grandfather’s passing. Unable to return to Puerto Rico immediately, Yanise arrives three months later and is welcomed by her mom, grandmother, and cousins. At breakfast, Yanise describes a recurring dream of being held in the ocean. Her grandmother recognizes it as a calling from Yemaya and shares a ritual that leads to a spiritual awakening and ultimately, a salve for Yanise's grief.
Director Photo
Alexis Garcia is an award-winning writer, director and proud Afro Boricua hailing from the Bronx, NY. Her work has spanned film, TV, and digital, where she honed her expertise in Latinx audience development & storytelling. She created and served as showrunner of the Webby Award-winning series for BuzzFeed’s Pero Like channel, "Mi Quinceañera Come True," and is a 2022 recipient of the LALIFF Inclusion Fellowship, sponsored by Netflix. Alexis is passionate about driving critical conversations that both inform and uplift the Latinx community. She currently resides in Los Angeles with her filmmaking partner & husband Matt, and their dog, Rico.
Type of Film Inclusion Short
Country of Origin Puerto Rico
Year Film Was Completed 2022
Runtime 19:05
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Director Alexis C. Garcia
Written by Alexis C. Garcia
Cinematography Joshua Echevarria
Edited by Matthew Detisch
Music by René G. Boscio
Sound Design Gabriel J. Serrano
Art Direction Ana Paula Teixeira
Main Cast Princess Nokia, Migdalia Rosario, Niambi Salas