Video Statements from 2021 Fellows

Hear from last year's fellows, giving their thoughts on the Inclusion Fellowship program and why you should apply.

Tamara Shogaolu, Director of "The Braid of Time"

Monica Suriyage, Director of "La Ciguapa Siempre"

Lorena Duran, Director of "Loma de Lilí"

Justin Floyd, Director of "Quinceañero"

Kase Peña

Kase Peña, 2020 Fellow

Director of "PERIOD"

"I have been awarded many writing and directing fellowships. In my honest estimation and experience, the LALIFF Inclusion Fellowship has been the top one. I have participated in other fellowships that claimed that they were all about elevating the voice of the artist; perhaps in writing, but most definitely not in action. Other writing/directing fellowships made many attempts at wanting to control what I wrote, how I wrote it.

The LALIFF Inclusion Fellowships has been the only fellowship that truly put their money where their mouth was. This fellowship allowed me total freedom as an artist. Yes, they gave me notes on my screenplay for PERIOD. At the same time, they always made it very clear to me that their notes were their notes and they made me feel very comfortable by constantly reminding me that I DIDN'T HAVE TO TAKE THEIR NOTES if they didn't work for me. They made it always very clear that I could reject their notes, that I wasn't forced to take them just because they were the ones giving them to me. Lastly, they gave me $20,000 cash to help my film get made.

I totally encourage those who qualify to apply. This isn't an easy fellowship to get in, so my advise to future applicants is to make sure to submit your absolute best/strongest work."