Jorge Molina

Jorge Molina, Program Manager

Program Manager

Jorge Molina was born and raised in a suburb of Mexico City, and came to the US to receive a BFA in the Writing for Film and Television program of the USC School of Cinematic Arts. He has worked extensively inside the film festival circuit as a programmer and various other roles in organizations like Outfest and the Sundance Film Institute, and is currently the Programming Manager at the Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival (LALIFF).

His scripts have placed him high in competitions like the Outfest Screenwriting Lab and the Austin Film Festival, and he was a finalist in the first edition of the Ojalá Ignition Lab. He wrote and executive produced the short film “Muy Gay Too Mexicano”, which was acquired by HBO Max and premiered in the platform in the fall of 2021. He also is the creator and showrunner of the award season murder mystery scripted podcast Just to Be Nominated, and the co-founder and director of IMFest, an organization for and by young immigrant artists that showcases their art and connects them with the larger Hollywood community. Jorge can be found listening to ABBA Gold or reading Agatha Christie at any given moment.