Cherise Pascual

Cherise Pascual, Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteer Coordinator

Cherise Pascual is a Latina-adjacent, Filipina filmmaker, performer and educator based in Hollywood. She was born in Carson, CA and raised by a pack of Pinay wolves. Her educational background is in Psychology, Biology and Chemistry - but what she knows best is people and stories. Cherise earned her MFA in Screenwriting from the American Film Institute and is a member of the LA Female Playwrights Initiative. Along with observational humor, she enjoys writing about women in various states of psychological distress - sometimes they are scientists, always they are in complex relationships, or exploring their identities. Lately, she’s been writing stories about social justice issues - she is working on several projects with NGOs fighting mass incarceration. She has taught filmmaking with Youth Cinema Project for four years and recently started an after school theater club for middle school students in Koreatown. When she’s not acting, singing or doing production design, Cherise enjoys coordinating volunteers for film festivals such as GLAFF and LALIFF (this is her 2nd LALIFF!). Cherise is overjoyed to be part of this rich and diverse family.